Quarky is a digital platform that makes learning about Einstein’s theories as fun as playing Pac-Man. Quarky's goal is to empower young girls to ignite their curiosity and creativity, to explore the world of science and all of its magic and wonders, through game play, storytelling and interactions.

About Quarky

I have always been a curious person, and I have always loved science.  Science, and especially, space still make me giddy. My sense of wonder for the world has never left me, and as I have been researching and creating Quarky, I realize how much I miss science and its infinite puzzles. Science taught me how to think, how to solve complex problems, how to embrace this complexity, and then translate it into concepts that others might understand and use. Science was my brain trainer. 

As I continued to study science, the older I became the more often I was the only woman in the room. I was used to it, but it was difficult to ask questions, even to find a study group. I ended up pursuing another career, and I would often joke that in order to stay in science, I’d have to grow a beard.  While I didn’t see myself reflected in the scientific community, I used my love of science and my curious brain to reach for new goals, and to create my own success.

I want science to be fun and engaging to all, and I want girls to have an alluring place to learn and be curious about it. This is why I created Quarky, so that children will always have the opportunity to ask "why?”

The Problem

Unconscious bias in our society has made young girls feel like there isn’t a place for girls to pursue intellectual paths, especially in science.  Girls as young as 6 years old feel they have to choose between being pretty and being smart, and they don't often see themselves reflected in the scientific community.  Girls often steer clear of games and books that require innate brilliance, because they don't see that in themselves, and thus, they lean away from STEM fields.  While some STEM workplaces and academic environments are overtly hostile to women, in order to solve this, we need to open the door for women and girls.  If they are curious and passionate about science, they can break these stereotypes wide open.

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Quarky's Solution

Quarky gamifies science. The experience amplifies a sense of wonder by including storytelling and game play around science-based topics. 

Quarky is an adventure game in which a player completes a series of puzzles in a story that spans 7 chapters (or levels). The first of which is space. Our short form videos are interspersed throughout the game, so that users must watch the videos in order to advance. After a video, they’ll participate in a game that relates to it. Quibit narrates the experience offering insights and hints. 

Quarky aims to keep our users within our own ecosystem — if we keep them within the game, they’ll be both educated and entertained. Quarky aims to provide the catalyst that will foster a life’s worth of interest and curiosity in science. Quarky also allows players to interact with female mentors and scientists, so that they can see themselves (or people that look like them) in this world.

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